Buy Land Property For 0 Down

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We currently live in a homestead that we purchased with 0 down through the USDA rural development program. We did it, and so have a few of our friends. In this video I give you an overview on the program, how it works and I show you some key info on the USDA site to get you started.

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MsStanleycat says:


Joann Valentine says:

Thank for all the great info! …. and good luck on your upcoming move.

Cat Lover says:

Great video, Brad!  A lot of people need these type videos.  Thanks for sharing!

Susan Christen says:

Great information!

Jessica Davis says:

Question: When I planted my tiny garden I just stuck plants in the ground without thinking about the overnight knee-sized weeds… now we're in a pickle. How would I go about removing the weeds without removing the plants with the foods?

Sahra Lethgo says:

Thank you for sharing the information I can't find the link to go to the files section to pick for my county we are looking to buy a home and want a few acres for animals

Daimheach says:

My husband and I got a USDA loan last September. Got a lovely house in western TN with 5 acres. We can't have animals, but that's ok for us – we don't have the knowledge (or manpower/time) to keep up with them. It took about 2 months to close on the house. We got an amazing loan for 3.0%. If you can qualify for it, it's a great program to go through. We did it a bit differently. We went through a mortgage company who took care of all the USDA stuff for us. We didn't go through a class that I recall (am kind of wishing we had – we ARE first time buyers!)

Robyn Gowing says:

Thank you for sharing this info Brad. I checked out the USDA site right after your video. I'm going to read everything over again & possibly try at getting a house. Thank you. 😊

Terrie Simmons says:

Thank you Brad and Christa for sharing this. I will be looking this site up. I want to get a house with some land next year aand this may help. I was wondering if I could message you and ask a few questions?

April Sutterfield says:

Our family just moved into our new home using an RD guaranteed loan. The guidelines aren't as tough for this program but the interest rates were higher bc the loan is from a bank not the govt.

Annalise says:

would they give a loan for a piece I land to build a house, or more for houses already built

KD Mill says:

Shared, Excellant Video Brad, Katherine~

Glenda Ruff says:

Is this the new place you are getting or the place you are now?

vinangus Last name says:

My friend has this loan , she lost her job or was cut down to 15 hours pr wk they cut the payments in half tell she found a better job! I didn't think that was to bad.

vinangus Last name says:

I think they also have an emergency fund set up for $10.000 when you buy your house

Olga Busch says:

Thank you for sharing this with us. I forward this info to my younger son and his wife hopefully they'll be able to buy there first home too

Jean Lee says:

do you have to have perfect credit?

Janine Gober says:

Great info. Brad! Wish I had known about this when my husband and I had kids living at home. Going to share this on Facebook!

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