Verse Simmonds – Property feat Kid Ink [Official Video]

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#ToAllTheGirls LP out now on iTunes

Directed by Mike Ho

Alumni x VVS Society


Everyday Technical Solutions says:

Virgin Islands 4 life !!!!!!!!!!! STT STJ STX BVI water island

To the world verse nuff respect

Daniel Steele says:

Bangs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙈

Filip Klukowski says:

kid ink should be more of him

Oneda Leka says:

My freind is a boy likes the girls bums

sqwale7 says:

This song could have been so dope but the lyrics are trash. Niqqas think my daughter was born to be their property f**k out of here with that bull! Who comes up with this rubbish ? I apologies for my gender.

Lisa Joseph says:

sharing….. Giggling! How I feel about mine! vise versa!

Melissa says:

Verse Simmonds is so underrated

JacoBP says:

who is dis girl at 0:53

キッドインク says:


Seon Cope says:

Chune yah bad innuh yute!

Derik Braland says:

The ladies look good.or my property.good song

The Warriors says:


alessio salerno says:

very very nice

LifeofQui Williams says:

V.I flag spotted 😍😍😍

Dorothy McAllister says:

other artist don't have authentic sound verse is from the virgin islands and was born Puerto Rico so of course his musical influence is have an island feel to it - Instrumentals / Beats / Hip-Hop says:


nurmat abdibait says:

straight lit up shit .Dope

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