Mist – Hot Property [Official Video] (prod by Steel Banglez)

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Itunes – http://smarturl.it/HotPropertyiT

Spotify – http://smarturl.it/HotPropertySp

Instagram – @Mist_RS
Twitter – Tweet_Mist
Facebook – OfficialMistMusic
Snapchat – MistRS1

Produced by Steel Banglez & Mist

Instagram – @SteelBanglez
Twitter – @SteelBanglez

Credits –

Director – Oliver Jennings @oliverjenningsfilm

Cinematographer – Ed Hubert @edhubert

Cinematographer – Charlie Jenkins @charliejenkinsdop

Producer – Jack Hobbs @imcalledjack

Production manager – Finni @godfinny


Different Machine says:

If you buy lion shit from the zoo and sprinkle a tiny amount in your pocket, you can take your green all over the world with you. Sniffer dogs will be so shook, they will keep moving past like 'i aint fucking with this geezer'. Nice tip that from Howard Marks

kye wright says:

Don't you reckon if bugzy Malone did a track with mist it would be a Banger πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž

jaden thorpe says:

What body warmer is he wearing In this

Emily Newell says:

I subscribed and liked 4 this guy xx as he is awesome!!!!! My favourite rapper and stormzy is aswell

Pandaboy 123 says:

out on bday cheers mist

Emily Newell says:

I πŸ’–his dogs plus his music lol I think his stormzys cousin …

KingKong Arman7 says:

Those christian louboutins are πŸ”₯

rahim 5698 says:

Ibby xxx good mist the other day

Ashlyn Davies says:

Light up me spliff im speaking spritual DAMNN !!!πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

sultanoxforduk says:


Matthew W says:

Tell mist I hurt myself for him gang gang 🀘🏿🀘

ali khan says:

gully tune…

Louis Chandler says:

His a bo$$ fam

Tezza GamingHD says:

u are still my g/top dog

Tezza GamingHD says:

no offence mist but all ur tunes dem are the same you nees to mix it up bro.positiveΒ  stuff here what I'm saying just love no hate

Misterh RTR says:

the end sounds like man eating ice-cream after ten years , …..

Misterh RTR says:

what's dat waistcoat called , filet , I mean d brand name ….

zoe poulter says:

Big up the 1 an only MIST.

kano robinson says:

badman tune

Nick Hards says:

Beats darker than Heskeys shins

Nate Oconnell says:

cold banger

Glasgow channel Scotland says:

they dogs tho

Swayz_ Hrtz says:

No one better than mist

averroesdesign says:

Underrated, this video deserves a lot more views

SIR Gametube says:

tries soo much on quality
my guy!!

kyel Games_ says:

The Beat Pls?

Umar Irfan says:

Since when does mist understand Urdu big up mist

typical sniper says:

got respect for mist blud he raps sik

Sudais Darr says:

No disrespect but bugzy better

Josh Kennedy says:

my real nigga I'm white but yes but don't hate me rep up all the arknas and.kululas or karknas

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