Property Ladder S05E03

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Khaled Alkahtany says:

fuck the law lets just build a 10bed house

GrumpyOldWoman Hawkins says:

Daft as a brush.

maria honess says:

she seemed choked when sarah told her that she needed to abide by the planning laws. God shaffy was impaitient.

Viv Digs says:

I wonder what Shafy is up to nowadays…

Adiel Stephenson says:

Indians are generally very greedy and don't give a fuck about other people. All that expense just to get a few extra quid a month. Just like those Jewish landlords in north London.

victoria says:

I wish I had that shed at my place!

victoria says:

why does the woman seem to feel like planning laws shouldn't apply to her? I thought a nurse would understand regulations are there for a reason……

Natalie says:

Inexperience is one thing. Complete, utter incompetence is another, Shaffy. This was entertaining though, in a "trainwreck" sort of way 😂

vtrmcs says:

This boils my blood for so many reasons!

TwistedBarbie says:

I remember this episode, what a GREEDY BITCH!!!!! Shoehorn people in and rake in the profits!

John Hogan says:

Shaffy call yourself a nurse, greed with no concern for peoples sensibilities, trying to cram people together is not nurse material.

seilahqlq1 says:

I don't understand european and EUA culture of sharing a house.

I'm from Brazil, no way I would do that; I'd rather have my own "barraco" (shack) in a "favela" (ghetto) than to have strangers on top of my head.
It's already awful to share a house with a family member…I just can't swallow putting up with not related people.

Keith says:

I'm 10 minutes into this and already that shaffy bitch is retarded

Daria of a new bloom says:

Shaffy is so so dumb

ByeMould says:

Oh wow, I'll have to watch this episode and other Property Ladder episodes when I have more time. It's been a long time since I watched one. Does anyone know the name of the lady featured on PL that bought her first refurb and then went on to own a property empire (or at least a few more houses)?

I don't need a meme says:


Yahye Donfodio says:

shafy is unrealistic..

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