1 Hour Real Estate Exam Crash Course with Irene

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Irene’s 1 hour real estate crash course the night before the exam. We did our best to review as much as possible since her exam was the next morning.

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vanessa sanchez says:

Definitely very informative videos. Covered everything you need to know. I listened to you everyday at work and on the way home. Passed my test on the second try thought I had it the first time went through the questions fast and over confident! Second time used all the time and read carefully,

Love all your webinars! Wouldn't recommend any other videos 🤗

Ana Del Rio says:

Your video is helping understand but this girl is frustrating and I can't hear it anymore… sorry

bright sun says:

thank you for all your info. and videos. After I finished my real estate school I waited a couple of months, studying and watching your videos. I passed my Exam on the first try 🙂

Rebecca Ciastko says:

do more videos with this concept… talking about cincepts and definitions in context is a much more efficient way to learn! I love it!

Liana Paz says:

Did she pass her test??

Randy at Random says:

Excellentvideo! I will be signing up on your website.

Thomas Nichols says:

THANK YOU PREP AGENT!!!!! After going through my online course and taking tons and tons of pre-tests online and through various apps, I thought I was ready to take the exam. I did some searching online and found your page and watched probably all your videos and there was a TON I didn't know and you made it all very easy to understand. Anyone looking to pass their exam I HIGHLY recommend watching these webinars and signing up for 1 on 1 sessions if you can as well! I passed my Florida test my first try and it only took me about an hour! Thanks again!!!

Belen Aguilar says:

that girl failed her test for sure lol
I feel so much better about what I've learned when I saw this video. if she can take the test, I can take that test! <3

Michael Benninger says:

This girl has to go and I would take it down but it shows people that if you do not study you will FAIL

One Voice says:

I had a real estate license but I decided to let it go when the market bubble. Now, I felt I wanted to get another real estate license so I bought 2 online real estate exam prep but I'm not happy with it. I decided to go to YouTube for more inputs. I've seen a couple so Joe's video and he makes a lot of sense. As a sign of gratitude, I decided to purchase a prepagent.com online exam prep. Wow, I'm very amazed! It has a well explained questions and step-by-step explanations to math questions. The flash cards and video explanation by Joe and Art would be very helpful in taking the test. If you value your time, career, and money, I would suggest you purchase prepagent's online review. Wish all the subscribers get achieve their goal. Kudos to all!

Mike Morency says:

you are awesome brother

Adrienne M. says:

GRRRR this girl lol

No Name says:

So did she pass after this video?

Zaran Engineer says:

I take my exam in about 15 days this video helped a lot , I live in Houston though so did not watch the last part. But Do you think you can make a video to help me pass the texas state exam. I think I am good on the national part.

Tracey Ransome says:

This was great , I'm in Louisiana I'm only half way through my class but this made so much since I was struggling with some of the concepts, i guess it"s not made this simple where I choose to go. I'm glad i found your channel I will be going them the all. Thank you so much for sharing!

Kate Richardson says:

I used to be very happy to find this net-site.I wished to thanks for your time for this glorious read!! I undoubtedly enjoying every little bit of it and Ive you bookmarked to check out new stuff you weblog post.

YaYa Lesedi says:

I passed my exam! Thank you so much for the help!

Richard Welch says:

I find the callers or others in these videos distracting

Priti Patel says:

Irene was amazing…hope she passed the exam…and i just paid for your online course after listening to several of your videos…

Priti Patel says:

love your videos…definitely buying your package….thank you soo soo much for these videos.. feeling grateful for you and your videos…. and .reading books was making me have ADD…..and i kept forgetting everything..

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