Sasquatch Chronicles 2017 // The Ohio Property

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Sasquatch Chronicles 2017 // The Ohio Property

Join us every Sunday night at 5pm PST as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this too be ignored. Listen as we talk to researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information.


Dañe Highfield says:

Always bring snacks when looking for Bigfoots!

Dañe Highfield says:

Vol·a·tile, capable of changing actions, mood, or mannerisms rapidly, and without warning.

skankhunt42 says:

Fucking cell phone.

Grace White Feather says:

I think the reason why the government won't acknowledge their existence is because people like this man would hunt them down and cause their extinction.

Grace White Feather says:

The correct word is: volatile. Ferocious is another good word for them.

Grace White Feather says:

Yes, a cross between a chimp and a human. Chimps are known to gang up on another chimp and after killing it, they will eat it. It's rare, but they do it. They are omnivore. However, the Sasquatch further north are less aggressive and are a cross between a gorilla and a human. Gorillas don't eat meat at all. So they try to scare humans but don't want to eat them. So we can see there are at least two types of Sasquatch. There are important differences.

Wendy Taylor says:

Love it when Bob's on the show! He knows so much. Yeah the driver of that unit obviously has a bad case of PTS Syndrome

Lucille Robledo says:

They should have turned on the sirens of the ambulance and all the flashing lights!

May says:

Sounds like an interesting story, but frustrating cuz it's so muffled I can't understand what he is saying, even with my best headphones.

genos interprises says:

sorry i have to. VOLITILE there is no s it is so easy

genos interprises says:

this guy is destroying his credibility but not being able to pronounce simple words plus there are no experts so for him to come on here and act like he knows bunch of s*** is kind of ridiculous

ninja says:

To the commentors below:: this guy is clearly an expert and I enjoy listening to him. If u don't want to listen, go FRUIT LOOP yourself like freelee the banana girl!

Spencer Kelly says:

Who the hell is this expert?
Making all these claims that the bigfoot eat their own and pull out hair. Fucking dumbass. They wanted to eat the humans. Make them run. They need to be shot. Go ahead take the shot. You will die too.

klprds says:

they get vocitile.

River Green says:

I thought this was supposed to be THE OHIO PROPERTY? wtf stop doing that I had to waste my time listening before I realized I already heard it

Sy Marie says:

Food in box ready go

Jeb Baldwin says:

horrid cellular phone audio…..maybe guest could find a land line?…..pitiful…and its 2017 A.D.

B Footer says:

i thought this was the THE OHIO PROPERTY ? why do you change the name and dates then the story has nothing to do with the title ?

subliminal says:

I'm with Sherrod Brown we don't need or want a wall maybe you do but even people on the border don't Shame on you

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