How he bought a Lamborghini Huracan: Chatting Real Estate with Bryan Casella

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By popular demand, Bryan Casella and I meet up and discuss real estate, investing strategies, and personal growth while working as a real estate agent. I believe seeing different perspectives is so important because we each have our own style that fits best with our personality and by watching as many people as possible, you can begin to pick bits and pieces that you vibe best with. Enjoy! Feel free to add me on Instagram/Snapchat: GPStephan

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Filmed by Matt Loberstein:

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josue hernandez says:

Finally you guys made a vid!

Stuli says:

13:05 That poor, poor thing… 💔 Put it out of its misery

George Mullenax says:

Loved the format here! Hello all the real estate guys I follow who are commenting on this! Bryan Casella, Graham Stephan, Tanner J Fox, Matt McKeever! Follow these guys!

Andres Dominguez says:

Yes finally

Mitchell Smith says:

Good advise on worrying about "your style" and self than the style of the car your driving. Graham when you had what you think was the Explorer did you ever show houses as a buying agent? Or just showing your or your office listed one. How did you not show what vehicle you had when going between houses?

Jeff Wybo says:

Loving the guests!!! You're going to 10X your channel!

sak sezo says:

Dude i love how your make collab with other "no bs Youtubers" 😀 because personally i finished all your videos and i feel like i need to find another channel to spend my time on aswell, thank you so much for being Picky on who to collab with.

Jessica Burroughs says:

Graham, tell us more about your speaking gig! Haters gonna hate, so I'm glad you mentioned to be prepared. I also liked your perspective on South LA listings. Guest choices and car shots are on point too. Keep up the good work!

Jay Jchubbz says:

that was a cool video of both of u car show plus real estate talk equals awesome combo lol btw i actually found you awhile ago just by looking up real estate u were one of the first i saw love your vids man keep it going!

Jared Miramontes says:

Graham I love your videos on real estate and when you make car videos it's even better! (I'm a huge Carnut) It would be really interesting if you could reach out to Salomondrin (my favorite car YouTuber) and collab with him and make a real estate video as that's how he got his wealth. Anyways I'm loving the videos man keep it up!

Thad Castle says:

Please do another collab with Bryan. Really enjoyed this video, you guys are both very knowledgeable.

NASHY Grier says:

Gram great vid I msg you on Instagram for help & you definitely helped out with this clip.

Amelia says:

I can't wait to become a real estate agent, so I can fly you out to Canada to meet you 🙂

andrew korchemniy says:

Great Video Graham!! I'm liking the collabs

Tim Evans says:

Great video, great channel – I've been a sub for about 6 months now and this is my first comment. Just wanted to say thanks!

You hint that Bryan is the big dog here by mentioning that a search for real estate on youtube returns his stuff, but I've never heard of him before – YOU'RE the one introducing me to him! Cheers!

Veggy Dishwasher says:

Tanner J Fox last time, now Bryan Casella… They are my favorite youtubers, it's nice you do this Graham

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