Real Estate Perform “Darling” Live at Villain | Pitchfork Live

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Real Estate perform “Darling” at Villain in Brooklyn for Pitchfork Live

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Real Estate Perform “Darling” Live at Villain | Pitchfork Live


Raka Adhitama says:

Where is the full video?

IvanNext says:

The song Time please 🙂

jwilliamsproductions says:

They sound tight. Crazy how similar to the cd this sounds.

Samuel Elijah says:

olha só que ixperança , lançaru o vidjo bem no dia dax criança

ARC Music says:

I remember meeting Martin and jamming with him when I toured New Jersey, great guy!

Michael Pichardo says:

the day I murder my ex wife this will play in the background.

Broken Wire TV says:

Looking good! We're streaming live bands as well! Be sure to check us out!

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