3 Ways Newbies Can Quickly Make $1,000 Per Month Through Real Estate Investing

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What would you do with an extra $1,000.00 each month? Sure – maybe you’d love to be super rich someday, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Today, I want to show you how to take that first step – earning $1,000!


Acoustic Silk says:

1k a month is huge

berbandis says:

I want to buy your house with cash! What I leave out is the fact that I don't have the cash and even if I did I would not be spending it all or leaving it on your property, I am really just capitalizing on your lack of understanding of the market to make some money off your assets.

berbandis says:

Real Estate Wholesaling: Buying properties to capitalize on peoples ignorance. If you told the mark ahem, I mean customer what you were doing they would most likely get an agent and sell it themselves. Sorry, I am a little bitter here, I spent $10,000 to find myself putting up "we buy houses" adds just to find that I was not where I wanted to be.

Real wholesaling would be buying in bulk to sell piecemeal and making money on the difference in bulk vs single price.

Trevor Dyck says:

Why have that giant mic in front of your face if you're not going to use it and instead just use a crappy lapel mic clipped to it? 🤔

Ricardo Guerra says:

Whats a best way to buy foreclosure or fixer uppers to get a first home

Steven Lopez says:

This is what I wanted to know

Mr Krabs says:

Starts at 1:35

Alex Schwartz says:

Somewhat irrelevant question, but I'm curious, what does your portfolio consist of, Brandon?

Luke Mitchell says:

Bird dogging should be mentioned as well for wholesalers. Typical fees to simply send an address and pictures of distressed properties are $1,500.

Isaac Slaughter says:

There comes a point when you've read all the books, watched the podcasts (once, twice, thrice), researched potential markets, read the forums, crunched the numbers on 100+ properties. Every time I play a new video from these awesome guys, I hear "why are you listening to this, you've heard it all before." Time for action… I'm making 2018 my year of action. I hope those reading this do the same. Thank you BP for all your help, training wheels off now… But, don't tell me you've let go of the seat just yet.

jeff Minnesota says:

I own duplex and am thinking of making a basement apt. I would be living for free plus have 900 cash . It does work….think tiny homes are in style make one in your basement retire early….

Kevin Garcia says:

Great video. It boggles my mind how y'all don't have millions of subscriber.

JustForJean says:

wholesales a little fishy and confusing to me. As a beginner I don't know if I dare get into wholesaling.

Ken Jones says:

I couldn't stop staring at the Wookiee…

Chibuzor Alumba says:

@KingJamesVL Single Family Homes were not mentioned in this video correct?

Of these three strategies, you have to be careful when
1. house hacking: if the economy collapses and market rents drop significantly leading you to be unable to make your mortgage payments using the rents alone, OR
3. flipping: assuming you buy at the peak of the market and the market crashes while you are renovating, leading you to lose tens of thousands when selling.

As for strategy 2. Wholesaling, as long as the math works and you are willing to put it the time and effort to find good deals, you can make money as a wholesaler.

Thanks for the amazing motivation Brandon Turner.

KingJamesVL says:

Ok..everything’s good for now but what happens when the market corrects. Do single family house rentals survive the downturn? Been contemplating this question for sometime (I own a rental)

SMH Ninja says:

I keep getting confused wether you're on the left or the right 😂🤣 jkjk

MONA CC says:

The FHA loans are for 1st homes. Then what? Stuck after that! No w2 and no loan for 2nd, or 3rd homes. Help!

Brandon McCaffrey says:

Thanks for the vid

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