Building a New Real Estate Investment House! Project TEAR DOWN Ep. 3!!

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Here is the 3rd episode of our project tear down. This is our first involvement with a real estate investment property. We have learned so much and it has come a long way! The cryptocurrency market is surely quite different from the real estate market! This is a major home rebuild, remodel, and renovation.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. This is my opinion only. You should always do your own research and understand the risks of investing.


Jozef Hojo says:

have you invested in medical blockchain ICO?

JW says:

dropshipping would be interesting

Derek says:

crypto is lit

Robert Matyus says:

that last question and answer was amazing! great work guys!


Great job fellas

Bur. Cey. says:

look into CV coin before itss to late!!

Samuel Lu says:


sorry says:

be positive you do u!

Ali says:


RageyRic says:

Jr Garage going to turn this house to run 100000 bitcoin miner

Mr Gh says:

Good job guys

Sam Freeman says:

Great info on the q & a guys!

Сергей Сурду says:

ICO content please

Thomas Hughes says:

yeah but what about the tron?

hujjath hassan says:

Great house, cant wait to see how it would look when complete with the interiors.

Justin Hayes says:

Make Sure its A smart Home.

ThriftyTruckers says:

Yes, more on ICO’s

hassan aslam says:

tell about steller plzz…

Prudhvi Raj Madhu says:

Beautiful house, but building such a house in India is not possible 😭

Iffy Samcasm says:

This is amazing. You two inspire. fantastic house. Shhh Dimecoin

Azeban Azeban says:

Great work !!

Marcus Davis says:

The house 🏠👌🏾👌🏾 perfect

iamMoAhmed says:

ICO opinion would be appreciated! Keep up the regular content guys

funny guys says:

U gys are really nice inspiration

Al O'Neil says:

Go big or go home!

Showdown360 says:

The house is going to be crazy

Der Macher says:

Nice project guys. Iam a carpenter from germany (building wooden houses), if u wanna come over for a trip let me know. We have no speedlimit btw 😀 (you might know that)

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