NEW Property Coming In The Next GTA Online DLC? Mansions, Beach Houses, Vehicle Warehouses & MORE!

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NEW Property Coming In The Next GTA Online DLC? Mansions, Beach Houses, Vehicle Warehouses & MORE!
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It has been ages since we’ve gotten a new casual property to own in GTA Online – does Rockstar have plans to add one in the next GTA 5 DLC? Would it be mansions, beach houses, vehicle warehouses or something different?

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MrBossFTW says:

NEW Property Coming In The Next GTA Online DLC?

andrew hardman says:

Final update ever for gta that lets you buy all places that can store vehicles so that each player can own all the cars and also add all those cars and missions to single player as a kind of single player dlc for once gta online slows down once rdr online starts and to make the missions from online work in single player just add another character or let the player use one or both of their two gta online characters and have them work with the surviving heist crew and story characters in place of the other gta online players or even with Franklin Michael and Trevor or at least who ever is still alive in the players game

George Nicholls says:

lets be honest gta is fucked now. with all this flying car bullshit to a nuke landing on your head from a bunker.

Hebrew Loc says:

I just wish they would make a mid 80's-mid 90's Toyota or Nissan pick-up truck and let it have a snug-top camper shell to put on like the Yosemite, so i can build an ol' skool mini truck, or maybe even let it be a Benny's custome and instead of hydraulics on the wheels, let it be a bed dancer.

TOM Murphy says:


TWEEKL says:

Really wish they would allow us to sell properties and Pegasus vechiles

fg6971 says:

Mansions? For what? Gta needs a dlc that features interiors like bars, lounges, arcades, resturants, ect. Mansions would just end up being trophy purchases with even less uses than yachts have.

Naughty Mouth says:

Ok I'm done.

Kool K says:

Garages are so overrated

Johannes Murre says:

basically nothing is confirmed and some guy said there will be an update that has cars in it

Justin Neace says:

Just stop with ur fake upcoming dlc crap, ether do something that's ether true or actually worth it or just don't

Big Huch says:

They need to open the casino

Joseph Big Knife says:

Idk but what ever it is I will like

Lightning Electric says:

Its been almost 5 years , how the hell has there not been a Pegassi supercar based on the Aventador , i dont get it.

Joe Dirt says:

Just Cars That are over Priced

Berleezy ! says:

Knowing MrBoss,its a mod

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