Beautiful House And Property For Sale

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Beautiful House And Property For Sale shows the house behind the rocks and goes in to detail about it.
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Beautiful House And Property For Sale.


Dan says:

How much are they asking?

Bernard Bredhauer says:

Very interesting and quirky place Dan. Thanks so much for sharing mate.

BlindOwl Outdoors says:

i will provide the owner's email for price info

BlindOwl Outdoors says:

The owner is going to finish the basement then put in a ramp and a parking space near the well, it should be very nice

MrDjluvs says:

This is a nice house, with rice fields view, Marife is with you as a interpreter. Congratulation on the twenty three thousand subs..This has no driveway to the property, or its not showing?

paul joe says:

By the way , do you know the cost of a building permit there ? Or if architect plans are necessary etc .

paul joe says:

They didn't mention the price though . I wonder if it floods during heavy rain ?

Jerry Hart says:

Really like it!

Alice Sinclair says:

Beautiful house correct me if I'm wrong but is that the house in one of your vlogs before? Lots of rocks features. The wall I would have thought it looks like a plastic wood effect I don't think it's a wall paper too shiny for it but it's nicely built. Big land so maybe it will be quite expensive. Thanks for showing this pretty house for sale hope someone out there will be interested….

BlindOwl Outdoors says:

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