Why I REGRET Buying Property in CHINA

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So many people ask me if they should buy property in China. Is it a good investment? What are the reasons for buying property? Can foreigners even buy an apartment in China?

My experience as a property owner here in China is covered in today’s video.

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laowhy86 says:

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M Sheridan says:

I would kill myself if I had to live among all those Chinese monkeys.

Smokesome says:

Chinese woman are pretty cool had a nice one stay with me for a few weeks. I lived in thailand for 6 years where she was on holiday with some dude. Dude ended up doing everything alone feel bad for him. But i had a blast with that chinese girl.

ChironList says:

Not our house which survived for 170 Years in china

Oooo Oooo says:

thanx for info

MrNothingButAir says:

wow that garden is beautiful. No crowded too. Where is it

Bob Singhv says:

I don't get it. You house value went up 35% and your complaining?

You only put $15k down on two properties? That's nothing.

It's China bro – they half ass and cut corner – pass the junk off to someone else. Like a hot potato 🥔

Give it back to the CHINESE with a smile.😃

tonkatoytruck says:

I have not watched many of your videos but the ones I have seen indicate that you are very good at making bad monetary decisions.

翔木蘭 says:

Can you purchase land and build a house?

zexin chen says:


Todd Mccabe says:

Ar 4:50 mark, what the hell is in the water behind you? A fish? I have never seen a fish move like that.

rorshak73 says:

The part about the lift was hilariously deadpan.

Temujin Khan says:

Thats what they tell you but not always a requirement… offcourse they expect it of you because your a foreigner and they think your suppose to be super rich.

Meg Xiong says:

i am so confused…isnt that a common sense that cheap = bad quality?? why not save/earn more money and buy a expensive one…why always buy cheap stuff and claim made in china bad quality?? my apartment seems totally fine in my eyes..and i dont expect my zara shirt to last long. you get what you paied, no?

Angelos Or says:

K-pop flower boy dad!

Catherine Quaterlock says:

Music is far too loud in comparison to the voice volume…….. ow

pensive69 says:

here's the thing to me…you can buy but after a time it's not yours.
superb corrupt Communist Chinese tradition.
nice video and your child is a total sweetheart.

lasserbream says:

Why is it so bad to buy a house before getting married? please explain?
Personally I bought a house before I got married and so did my brother and my brother in law.
So please tell me whats so bad about it?

Tia Deltorp says:

I do noo how too reper the walles :)if you need halp

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