ED attached property worth Rs 4.53 crores of Baccha Rai, the main accused in Bihar Topper Scam 2016. Baccha Rai was charged for manipulating the results of students of Vishun Roy College. Further investigation underway.

In this video there is the introduction of transfer of property act. For more information visit www.suvidyaa.com

This was recorded on march 27th.
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So there is this phrase people have been throwing around, and I just wanted to make sure we all understand each other out here in YouTube land. People have been talking in the comments about other people being “priced out of the market”. And I think there may be a misconception. So I want to double check.

So it depends on how you define priced out of the market. I have a feeling that some people say “priced out of the market” like someone can’t afford to buy into the market. What is more likely is that someone priced out of the market is choosing not to but, not blocked from buying.

So if you are looking at all the people on the sidelines, I would guess that most of them could buy something right now if they wanted to. Take myself for instance. I could buy a house tomorrow if I wanted to. In fact, prices would have to go up significantly before I was actually unable to buy into the housing market. I am one of those who simply refuses to buy in at the current prices. Just doesn’t make sense.
So I have a question for those of you who are sitting on the sidelines. Are you unable to buy in the current market, or are you just unwilling to buy at the current prices? Also, do you actually see a time when you could be priced totally out of the market if prices continue to rise?

What are Mistakes Most People Make When Investing in Real Estate?

#1 Not buying
#2 Deal is To small (less than 16 units)
#3 Doing single family deals
#4 Taking too much debt
#5 Bad Buying price
#6 Buying unwanted deals
#7 No direct cash flow
#8 Moving out from your MARKET
#9 Not Knowing your Market

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