Why I’m Suing One Of My Tenants | Real Estate 101

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The gardener says:

Just wondering, can you talk any faster? LOL

Anthony Kowalski says:

It sounds like he's referring to some douchbag who has money or makes good money and should be paying, but what if it was a single mom with special needs children and its the middle of winter?

gonzalezmichael52 says:

2:56 Their*

Rick J says:

Here is one avenue to ensure that You as the property own have more right…….Get in touch with your local Probation & parole office ( Therapists that work with the Courts ). After you Lay down the foundation for a Respectful two way avenue " workship " You can start getting tenants that you now have more say on weather they stay or leave and no court proceedings to Evict . Now remember two way Avenue when you need a Tenant you have access to a Court officer find one that has a track record of doing what he/she are being told also you can look for one that is ordered by the court for counseling ( with that Therapist you have a relationship with ) The therapist will have an understanding if their Client ( Your posable tenant ) is making Good Forward Momentum Progress in there Therapy. Those individuals have a lot to lose and do not want to make any mistakes not to mention if you really want them out, it is as simple as a phone call to the Probation Officer and the therapists. Win win if you ask me. You are more protected and you're helping someone that truly needs it.

Adam Freasier says:

Wow, you are so awesome. You have magic with you. Thank you for being so honest and displaying leadership qualities! I’m so impressed with you. Keep up the amazing work.

danielnpeyote says:

Word Ricky, I'm looking for a place to rent. Let me know if you have any openings?

mentugo says:

Chill and talk slower. You come across way too hectic and stressed out.

Thane Zeeh says:

Ricky = Savage?

Paul Widomski says:

Ricky I love the way you own your mistakes. I have lived through the same situation with a so called friend. My former tenant had ctedit and a good job. He lost a job he had for 7 years on the first month he moved into my spare room… I got him another job and that lasted a month lol! So long story short he lived with me 3 months i got 2 months rent. Since it was my residence, i considered it a win since i lost my job. It took me a month to get on my feet so i definitely learned to do what you were suggesting!

Adriatic says:

If he can’t afford to pay you, he’s probably not going to have enough to even give anything in a lawsuit. He’s probably judgment proof

Chloe Lien says:

Hey guy pays your rent back to Ricky NOW !!!!! Every eyes is keeping on your from here now😠😠

KitchenTime LV says:

Wow man, sorry you have to go to such extreme levels like that. Keep me updated on Instagram. No one should take advantage of an awesome person like you dude

illokano says:

They bag holding on DRIP

Al P. says:

Landlord and real estate can be a real headache

nikonxxx says:

Background screening

nikonxxx says:

Amazing how u keep it all together man

LetsJazzItUp says:

This video triggered me because im in the process of garnishing my renters paycheck. That paperwork is annoying. Dude didnt even show up to court which worked in my favor, but ppl are so damn irresponsible and annoying

Freedom Show says:

I've been a landlord and will never be one again. I sell only now. gl

brucemasson says:

I know a landlord, had a guy do the same, the kicker was, the renter was a mechanic re building engine blocks on the living room floor…

kevin espina says:

Thanks for this video. This will help out a ton.

Vanessa Almeida says:

You have his social, you should be able to garnish wages "easily." The process sucks, but hopefully he has a job and you will be able to garnish at least 50 bucks a week. All good.

laura sacco says:

Never again renting apt to ppl . Been there done that with my 5 apts 🙈🙉

Penny Stock Wolf says:

How Ricky can talk that fast and still make sense is impressive lol

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