πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊWhy Australia’s Real Estate CRASH Could Begin in 2018! Massive Crisis Unfolding Right Now!

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MrStoneycool69 says:

Allowing unchecked non western immigration, as well as a Jewish usury based monetary system, jewish feminism/egalitarian socially engineered society joined to a welfare system, is a recipe for disaster.

Kilda Saints says:

Thankyou so much TMGPS

Brian Minghella says:

Its an engineered financial kill box which will kill millions of lower middle class debt on home holders at a time when rental accomodation is crazy high and limited. Its going to get ugly.

The Alternative says:

Im from australia, ive been looking for reasonable sources all over. In the CEC reports on the royal commission that's going on right now, they suggest that almost 70% of all loans are interest only. This is just insane, the amount of risky derivatives the banks are holding and have stopped reporting on how much exactly they have since last year. APRA have just been letting the banks get away with this and the liberal party in power of our government are being bought out with these obscene policy's they are passing through. Such as the bail in law they passed through on 14th of feb, Valentines day with on 7 of the 76 senators there at 10pm at night!

jason m says:

Maybe the aussie government should watch this video, before they do the 2018/2019 budget.

NuCleaR WinTeR says:

It annoys my that the value of my home could drop and i may go to negative equity because of the bursting market due to other people's irresponsible behaviour

Rob Chillem says:

The government has been passing bills that let banks take peoples savings to re liquidate an insolvent bank, gfc but bigger. Been waiting ages for this crap to fruition haha.

Infidelophile69 Upu says:

The reason for the March plummet was because the government put restrictions on the amount of overseas money (Asian) flooding the housing market.
We had Asian buyers grabbing units (condo's) off the plan with 10% deposit and now the Chinese Government has put restrictions on that money coming out of China so the buyer can't complete the deal and we will a flood of unit over the next 12 months and a big drop in prices

Frikkie Thirion says:

South Africa is at a 40 year interest rate low at 10.5%. I wish we can get the 'absurd high rate' of 5% here. So, suck it up and pay whatever the money masters demand.

JoeGator23 says:

Thanks, I was looking to compare AUS with Canada, linked via the commonwealth. Have a great weekend!

Jennifer Little says:

Thanks for doing this David.what a mess.You try and tell the masses this cannot last.We are truly in trouble.Pity we do not have a government that know what they are .doing.

Walter Sudymont says:

Bill Clinton in his last term assured the housing collapse. Clinton signed legislation that required banks to loan as much as 120% of value to non creditworthy people. No verification of income, no down payment. Socialist planning to destroy the middle class.

Mary Anne says:

Hello David, Thank you for your presentation. I feel if the Housing Market survives it will do so because of the Federal Government (Liberal ..The Elite's Party) in cohorts with the corrupted banking system although I pray it will collapse as ALL business sectors esp. retail which includes supermarkets (essential food items) are suffering greatly. Three major factors within Australia which certainly must impact on the Australian economy as a whole …. 1.) …. The Royal Commission into Banking
( https://financialservices.royalcommission.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx ) We do not know exactly how much money has been lost forever esp. for soon to be RETIREES. This is huge as the misconduct is of mammoth proportions. 2.) …. When is the next Australian federal election?
The earliest date for the House of Representatives and half-Senate election will be on August 4, 2018. The latest possible date is May 18, 2019. The outcome of this election will determine how the "Investment" Property Market will be affected. 3.) …. Should the Labor Party gain power, it has already stipulated that NEGATIVE GEARING will be dramatically reformed whereby, using multiple investment properties as a Tax Dodge will be restricted and so it should as 1 in 5 houses in Australia remain empty thus declaring a lose at tax time (Just one example). So much more involved with negative gearing!! My summation is, Either, wages need to double, which will NEVER happen or the cost of EVERYTHING, including Housing must go down. The ONLY unfortunate legislation which neither Major Political Parties have not elaborated upon is Foreign Investment within the Property Market. This has been a major problem esp. as the Chinese have purchased BIG in Australia including STOCK PILING our Farming Land. Also, The Saudis have purchased BIG within the tourist industry spending MEGA dollars on the magnificent Islands off the coast of Queensland, Hamilton Island being One, MAJORITY of the monopoly on Island is held by Saudi Consortium. Hence the cost of EVERYTHING has spiraled out of control. An equilibrium regarding foreign investment is a MUST in order for "AUSSIES TO HAVE A FAIR GO" (That motto was sacred to Australians, once upon a time) …. Cheers xo

ElectronicWasteland says:

The global real estate crash and an interest rate shock is coming. Australia, Canada, China, the UK, Sweden, New Zealand…. name a developed country and odds are they're due for a massive correction. Even the USA is pushing back into bubble territory since their last collapse. In another decade everyone will think you're an idiot if you buy a house. That's your cue to buy one if you're a contrarian investor.

Peter Oitzinger says:

A 2% interest rate rise here in Sydney would see a total panic and collapse in the market. We have definitely topped out and are heading down now.

Smufter16 says:

But the Kangaroo court says "all is well"….oh wait, it's a recording made by transaction parasites (RE agents).

hbk711x says:

can you do a video on the bangladesh, india region. curious.

kala panda says:

I would move my investments out of Australia a.s.a.p. This crash will be a bad one..

au jack says:

Debt is king, interest only loan is to speculate, people are getting in market now just as oversea buyers stops, thinking it won't go down further. Aussie general economy is getting worst. Aussie government has no idea how to kick start an economy with such high tax. They need to lower both taxes of company and workers cross board and make industries hire with tax incentives that tight to no. Of permanent employees hired.

Natural Man says:

Go back to a 20% down payment, good credit, and a thirty year mortgage. No more mortgage trickery crap!

Natural Man says:

All western real estate is super-over double bubble priced. Australia, Canada being high priced is ridiculous–come-on. There are only 30 million people in these countries with land areas at least as large as the USA. DEVELOP SOME LAND!!!!!

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