Mark Whitten Explains How Easy It Is To Build Wealth With Real Estate

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Fabian Baez says:

🔥 info for everyone.

Jawan James says:

u definitely can make good flip's in Baltimore Philly an Jersey dirt cheap.

UrbanJungle Photography says:

More people like this please!

Denvor W says:

bruh stfu probably had two parents his whole life

Dontee Weaver says:

22 Minutes of Value!! ✊🏾

Mike Delacroche says:

He read Dean Grasiano’s book I see.

DM2 FILMS says:

Ain’t we supposed to get 40 acres and a mule anyway?

macarone328 says:

Hey, I'm not trying to bug you but do you have a Gmail? I really been wanting to buy property to rent out for cash flow. Just need a couple tips. If you don't want to give your Gmail that's cool…thanks for the advice so far.

Mr. Norris Young Black Male Positivity Is Gangsta says:

POSITIVITY IS GANGSTA 📌 I'ma utilize that Knowledge. Appreciate the Information.

Neva Williamson says:

So happy to see this. I have been wholesaling for years now and its a shame more black people don't know about this. Continue spreading the word Mark Whitten. Much Success to you. I share some of my success stories on my youtube channel in hopes to inspire people to get started in this business. It can be done part time or full time and really change lives.

Cederick Hudson says:

That term he keeps using SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE that is a secret word for real

james hawkins says:

I’m jumping on board ASAP!

Thomas Shields says:

Where's the data?

DropSixteenTV Tv says:

Brah wholesaling too complicated in my opinion. Just find a good 2-4 unit property, get an FHA loan, and put 3.5% down. You can live in one unit and have tenants pay for the property. In a year you can move and keep it as a rental property. Use a property manager when u move.

Jim Bass says:

You described a home equity line of credit not a refinance but good information even still

Veronica Noble says:

This man is grand just wish I had that knowledge and courage to just do it!!

Jimmy Schitz says:

I think people watching this should be wary of leveraging equity to flip houses. They’re talking about refinancing homes to purchase new properties as though home prices can’t go anywhere but up. This is the exact formula that contributed to mass foreclosures during the housing market crash. Be aware that interest rates are rising and when rates are rising, if property values depreciate and you’re highly leveraged into real estate it is a recipe for disaster. Diversified portfolios across asset classes are more appropriate. I favour equities over real estate.

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