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Stress test for buying real estate:
1. Does it provide cash flow with at least 4-8% a year (if it provides more than 8% you need to look with some magnifying glass cause there is probably something wrong!)
2. Time/money – is this going to be worth your time?
3. Do you love it?
4. Can you exit? Can sell the deal at any time?

If a deal makes 28% but that’s only $100 that’s not a good deal.
How many doors/units/tenants you have is the most important number in real estate.

Classes of properties:
A – (could be triple A) new or 1-3 years old
B – 3-20 years old caters to mix of white and blue collar, overall nice mix of cashflow and appreciation, returns of 5-7% before appreciation
C – 20 + years old
D – Inner city, tough markets

At Cardone Capital, we look at 100 deals to buy 1-3 deals


charles Shaw says:

Thanks Grant

moodykitty says:

Grant – do you take investors with a smaller amount to start? I am 48, getting ready to sell my home so will have some cash on hand to invest. I am a single mom with my own business but desperately need to find other streams of passive income – just in case. I've always been interested in investing in real estate, just found you and am listening while I work! God bless 🙂

Chris Roxx says:

Schooling us week after week. Much love GC!

Ryan Kontoh says:

this guy makes you think.

Shawn Afshar says:

How to start ?

JoePlaysGuitar says:

Where to find the New Real Estate Book ???

Tony Escobedo says:

Grant i wholesale res doing deal a mo but want to start to wholesale big apt complexes how can we work together? Thx

Derek De Ville says:

No one gives value like GRANT..period!

Tom Psillas says:

Grant makes good points.  You have to dig through all the junk to get to the gems.  1% to 3% means a lot of work goes into buying 1 property.  Most people give up when they analyze 3 properties that don't cash flow.  Try looking at 30 to 100 properties to get one that you can acquire.  It shows you the effort required.  It helps to have a dream team to help you, but you cannot afford that until you get 2-3 deals under your belt.  Now, get to work

Evin I says:

Love what you're doin.,Workin to, Get My $$$ RIGHT" to Partner !!!

DeAndre Taylor says:

uncle g spitting facts

Szabolcs Komáromi says:

This was dope!

Dominique Linson says:

I have tried to send my itunes review to you guys a couple of times and it say the email has failed to be delivered. So what is the correct email please, cant wait to read it man!

Shehzad Sharif says:

Love your show

ZaterXDesigner says:

Just got off work now learning from GC

ppxxy Ppxxy says:

Do you accept investors from other countries to your new fund? I think only people living in the US and Canada can become accredited investors? But because the new deal doesn't require investors to be accredited, does that also mean you can take investors from all around the world? Does cross-continental investments have some extra fees?

AyoubMZ says:

uncle g always on point

Josh Bernal says:

MR G! You need to come down to San Diego California and give a talk!!!

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