“My Property Isnt Normal” | CreepyPasta Storytime

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Stories from Murderbird17 about a cabin in the woods and the strange goings on that happen there. A Horror Delight. More Alternate Dimension coming next week!
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Six Petrified Trees says:

Written on the wall: Be gone, thot!

Eme Rose says:

Ok but when a creepy, skinny, naked guy attacks you on your property, you don't call the police? Like wtf? I'd be dialing 911 so fucking fast. And then I'd make the cops walk with me as a put up a large electric fence around my property.

hyperspace says:

I love this guy’s personality so much

Quinn Cassidy says:

I pray to the dark lord that this series keeps going

Retr0Beau says:

Fire! Kill it with Fire!

Cpt. Correct Opinion says:

Woah, I was listening to this thinking “hey that’s pretty good!” And then I heard the guys name was the same as mine and I felt an odd mix of happiness and slight fear

Sol Wolf Gonz says:

I want more of this particular series, I need to know who the women in the trees is

Louis Rodina says:

More alternate dimension hype

Perp Flame says:

anyone else feel like this is apart of the "tales from the gas station" hope it is.

Tesla Hex says:

I loved this story. 💜

Not Lis says:

I have so many questions. Who is the lady in the tree what was the incident that made you move and what do you mean by this wasnt the first time you were lured by a voice. I know this is probably fake but i still have questions

Batty Foox says:

This is undoubtedly my favorite creepypasta so far. Looking forward ti more of these stories! Keep up the gr8 work my dude

NaS MaX says:

Balls of brass…

Jax Spade says:

These 'serial' series (Gas station, Finding Vanessa, Broadcast station, search and rescue, etc) are fantastic. Building a world with more than one story so that theres a main plot yet also tons of stuff is great. I've always seen Creepypastas as the modern campfire tales and this seems to be the next evolution

Superdameonglitchy4 Denovchek says:

The girl=Its a witch

TheBlues32 says:

I love characters like this. Suspected monster tells him not to shine a flashlight on them. Response? Grin and shine it in their face. Because why the hell not? It pretty much had him and he knew it. Might as well make them angry.

Turbati Vulpini says:

New series of videos?

Talya says:

omg I’m watching this for the 5th time and i’m still laughing

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