South African President: White-Owned Land, Property Must Be Seized

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South Africa’s government is ramping-up political pressure on white south Africans to advance its highly-controversial land-reform. One America’s Kristian Rouz has more.

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Mike Coffee says:

Sounds like communism to me.

sypoth says:

Let them starve.

Mark Silvestri says:

Social justice is not justice. Also, you think that after taking their lively hood, home, and life, these farmers are going to share their knowledge of farming with the same people that oppressed, murder, and raged a race war that is getting people murdered. Are you kidding me? I am throwing this out their, the "Never Again Movement" just failed again.

L. J.P says:

They have already seized Europe, why do they have to take South Africa?

The Bomb Diggity says:

Go England, save your kids. Save your people.

Raven rouse says:

Hey white people we're going to take all of your stuff but we want you to stick around and help us learn how to use it.

Raven rouse says:

South Africa the new Soviet state.

Raven rouse says:

Diversity equity and inclusive with a little bit of a mix of white privilege. Who knew that that was a bad combination for a Doctrine? Oh wait everybody who has a brain!

sheri wilson says:

I see that black MURDERER has the ILLUMINATI sign hanging behind him!! Please WHITE decent HARD WORKING men- Come to AMERICA and BRING your FAMILY- We LOVE FARMERS- Let them fall into STARVATION again- They DESERVE it- Apartied almost done them in-Too BAD- The world would be SO MUCH better off withour 'THEM'-

Mr TRUMP- Ask these DECENT , non- criminals to come HERE to the USA!! Before they are MURDERED- For FEEDING those JUNGLE APES!

Robert Clute says:

After we steal your property please stay and show us how to use it.

Flash says:

Privilege my ass……

Norma Paulino says:


gerpool7 says:

the government is using whites as an excuse for there failings.. I would love the whites to have there own state and break away from these racist scum

Raymond Cruz says:

When the white race is finally eradicated, the world will begin to heal.

Elmnopen says:

Are you niggars inSouth Africa, meaning the ones who think it's okay to hurt people of other races, you are the bassist of humanity, your day will come. At the very least you will burn in hell forever. And you will be sorry but too late. 5 Seconds too late for eternity

Adrian Horta-Martinez says:

this guy will def be going to hell FAST PASS bruhhhh!!!

Stacy Zulu says:

ANC are Terrorist and they have always been Terrorist.

Joseph Mellen says:

Racism in our face. Revenge of the Leftist Marxist lowlifes. This will end in much bloodshed and ultimate the destruction of South Africa. They will become as Zimbabwe and many other corrupt countries in Africa.

Duke Togo says:

Africa is lost.. just let them go.

SandcastleDreams says:

Fine! You take the land of the hardworking white people there and we'll exchange them for the Black Welfare Queens here! They identify so much with Africa, they need to go home!

Ultimagtr650 says:

Stop all western aid money for these racist scum..
We have things in common with the white farmers. I am happy to say we have nothing in common with these murderous lying , thieving scumbags who run that basket case country.

Rix Pix says:

But, black folks "can't" be racist? Gotcha.

yo momma says:

Blame regressive leftist.

Joseph Smith says:

Africa will starve…

Jeannie Van Biljon says:

And all the lies that whites has stole the land,
what we did not get for free. We worked hard and started very poor. Now we only make a living. Our Almighty Father is the judge and we know judgement day will be for everyone…..

Leon Barnard says:

So at what point is the US gonna step in? This is a democratic country… and the very foundation of democracy is under assault…
But many Scholars admits that democracy is dead, it is called the great replacement…
Communist Marxism is becoming more clear by the day in the West and Europe…
All these immigrants… they are there to breed us out and… ethnic genocide i think it is called by the UN) and our governments are all part of this great replacement… White ethnic Americans might find themselves in the very same situation as the white South Africans…
All this was made possible by the Democrats – AKA, Leftists

Adam Dye says:


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