Household Financial Security Tanks As Property Falls Hit Home

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We discuss the latest results from our household surveys


Chris Bishop says:

Congratulations on the 2000 subscribers!

Tom Coughlan says:

2000 people who won't be saying nobody seen it coming.. martin I am wondering do you get many questions relating to the mining industry the affected towns where it's heading would love to get a post on it in the future . Keep up the great work .

Meggie Dijk says:

Thanks Martin. I love your humour.
My favourite YouTube show!!! CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 2,000

Sam Salih says:

Excellent video once again Martin! People are still lost in their pipe dream! They have no idea absolutely no idea what’s going to hit. A financial collapse that will literally be talked about for many decades to come. The sad thing is that the young generation that are on a debt binge know nothing about the 1987 crash and early 1990,s recession. Well this ones going to be much worse. At least you are opening the eyes of those who want to wake up whilst others seek comfort living in denial. Good work Martin 👊

Like Roley says:

lol i like the comment about subscribers haha there catching up 🙂

Greg Martin says:

Congratulations Martin on your milestone. Your presentations have a great mix of down to earth practical and factual reality. Yes I am sure you will see 5000 sooner than you may think.
Fortunately I have a blessed intuition that understood the forward scenarios some time ago and I was able to liquidate and revaluate. Fortunately Australia is strong on the commodities, otherwise I would be more concerned in relation to the dollar and where I see the inevitable reset that is now only beginning to emerge, but closer than most may think.

We are entering a golden age once again but a few years of pain before it is reached for many unfortunately. Without a doubt your show is timely and you will assist thousands to cushion a blow that will be devastating for many. I do thank god that we live in a very blessed land, although I would be more comfortable with a few more thousand tons of gold in its treasury. We are better off than most of our global friends and foes through what is about to come mostly due to our very blessed isolation forcing a good degree of independence and underground wealth that can be redirected when required than government foresight and positioning.
Keep going, it is only going to heat up from here on end with more and more searching for your type of honest and down to earth journalism through valid and easily understood statistics.

Michael K. says:

How much risk does china pose to our economy?

Gurmender Grewal says:

Well done Martin. At least 2000 people who won't be duped by Scott Morrison's rubbish.

malayrojak says:

Hi Martin, do you need more data for your FCI dataset from one extra sample? Might be worth asking your growing band of dedicated viewers too… 😉

Sam Fashka says:

well done Martin! So I guess in scenario 4 I would expect you to hit the highest number of subscribes…. if we can afford the net the

Robert Kopp says:

Your reports are always, eagerly awaited and, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

B Marchy says:

Well done Martin!
Could you please do a short clip on gauss seidel and why trump wants to bring it back? No wonder the Wall st banksters are giving him a hard time with their mainstream media.

Lewis Cullen says:

You hit 2k!!! Well done and well deserved, thanks for all the excellent content!

Rethink Science says:

The definition for a real job should be enforced to 36 hours per week only – these jobs are real growth not working in multiple part time coffee shop jobs. The next generation will be poor and unable to find financial security.

Jan Helmich says:

Congrats! Well done! Quality is paying off. I really liked the interview format. Are there more on the horizon?

Oppose Deception Oppose Deception says:

Congratulations Martin on reaching 2000 subscribers and for your fine sense of humour.
As a depositor I look forward to higher interest rates which the economy should take in its stride if not for the shoddy lending practices which has households severely stretched at these record low interest rates.
This is seriously the worst bubble I've seen since Westpac's 2 billion dollar loss in the early nineties; an enormous sum in those days when the bank was close to failure due to losses by subsidiaries AGC Ltd and merchant bank Partnership Pacific Limited. Media magnate Kerry Packer moved to takeover the bank and cut expenses (staff) with help from his associate chainsaw Al Dunlap. The late eighties and early nineties (1991 was the last recession) were difficult times in a high interest rate environment but I suspect those times will be no comparison to what awaits us in the next year or two.

Thank you Martin for sharing your data which are appreciated.
Cheers OD

Regan Gunther says:

Thanks very much for these videos Martin. I've been keeping up with them as soon as they're released. Keep up the great work!

Murray Krause says:

Gross irresponsibility of interest rate policy way back to Costello (Greenspan)  has created this outcome with no place for governance to go except a police state when they should be the ones in the docks.

Ryan Conaroya says:

Congratz on the 2k! I'm a self employed tradesperson who is well aware that my job depends on rising home equity and credit growth, in the construction industry we have boomed with home prices. Some fellow tradies see this trend continuing and are expanding their businesses, Im looking to limit the risk and go find work for companies that have government work on the books until I see credit begin to flow again. We will see what happens I guess

Stephen Caves says:

Thanks Martin. Well done.

Bill Hollingsworth says:

I would like to see a clinical analysis of those 1 million or so jobs that have been created. Where are they? What industries are they in? Were they full time? Were they permanent? Were they part-time positions replacing full time positions? Were they contract jobs coming up for renewal? etc,etc. I think the treasurer is let off the hook every time he announces how many jobs have been created as the number announced simply goes unchallenged and is heralded as another feather in his hat.

David Mackay says:

Well done Martin on your 2k milestone!

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