The CRAZIEST stories of a Real Estate Agent (Featuring Meet Kevin)

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These are some of the craziest stories throughout my career as a Real Estate agent over the last 10 years, featuring Meet Kevin. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat / Instagram: GPStephan

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Sindy J. Lopez - REALTOR says:

Part 2? #RealEstateLife

Jonathan Casares says:

😂 9/10 needed Bitconnect memes

Yinakaa B says:

Never heart about this variation of this scam. Tell us more juicy stories. 😝

Aaron Yoon says:

I’m digging the neck beard, graham 🤥

jalabi99 says:

…and that was when I decided not to be a real estate agent.

Azenix says:

Hey you should make a series where you spend $100 every episode (HOpefully you make this much per video or something) investing in new stuff to see how the experience is, like spend $100 in bitconnect, and $100 in music royalties, etc. you get the point.

Jelleysperspective #BlogByChoice says:

ethics is everything in this business!!.. the exact reason i am getting involved now as a salesperson, i had a horrible experience buying my own home last year, where my dumbass agent forgot to include her commission within the closing cost sheet- 3 days after my finalized closing cost was received by the lender she called me demanding an additional $3500 or i couldnt close, I called my lender so fast and he confirmed she was lying and never had such agreement, she and the brokerage tried to sue me after closing and court settled in my favor, she simply did not include it or make me aware! you have to be honest with your buyers and/or sellers! and especially save your ass LOL! i hope to be able to help people and never become crazy greedy, the money will come without cutting corners! you guys are awesome! keep up the amazing work! <3

musictf08 says:

Why is Kevin continuously buttoning that bottom button on the vest after you specifically taught him otherwise the last time you guys did this? 😀

Xuan Pham says:

Really want a part 2 of this and have Kevin too 😄👍👍

Nero crowmath says:

Call the cops !!!!

Andy says:


Jared Miramontes says:

Omg this reminds me of Salomondrins Hotbox Hot Topic is that what you were going for Graham? I love it!😂

Barbara says:

Question, if you experienced a similar situation today with another agent refusing to present the offer, what would you do?

tyau1234 says:

Graham, love your videos. Got a few questions hopefully you can shed light on. I am in my 30's and currently retired after cashing out on a life changing investment. Currently, my entire net worth is in some high growth investments and are doing extremely well. But this will not go on forever. I want to employ the same strategy you and other real estate investors use in real estates because I have the means to do so. However, the problem is that I live in Vancouver. Here, I would need to spend $600,000 on a real estate to generate $2000 of before tax rental revenue. Rent in Vancouver is low and real estate prices are high. After expenses, it's impossible to generate free cash flow from rental properties. ROI would also be significantly longer. Another problem is here in Canada, we can only lock in mortgage rates for 5 years, not 20-30 years like in the USA, which makes the debt servicing of rental properties very uncertain. Given this situation, what would you do? For the sake of this discussion, we can ignore the high passive income tax rate and the lack of flexibility in my country to deduct expenses associated with owning rental properties. Thanks

Eric Muñoz Hernandez says:

As always, awesome content Graham! 🙂 Love your videos!

Jake Jones says:

So are you guys friends irl or just purely YouTube business friends… asking for a friend

Sky Basquez says:

Loved the story's. My wife and I were laughing hard! I can see how 90% of husbands will fail at real estate with all the porn sets being visited lol.

paperba9 says:

idk about proof of funds but i def got proof of guns flexes bicep

Rad Pugz says:

Dammmmm that bank account balance tho 😎 #bankofamerica

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