” My Property Isn’t Normal” (Part 2) | CreepyPasta Storytime

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Kortland Midgett says:

"My territory bitch."

Such Aggression.

Eric Scott says:

Camo is working for an organization that is trying to kidnap people in the woods?

Aldrick Fon Dracul says:

"…there was a bottle of purple liquid in a glass vial in the same place on the table. I honestly expected it to heal the wound or something but it just made me really drunk."

Did the tree witch seriously just give this dude sizzurp? Damn. Even quasi-ethereal beings respect the power of purple drank. 😛

LoveliLadiLette says:

I love the funny parts in it…. Made me lol 😀 I which it was longer

Joey Merrell says:

"My territory bitch" I almost fell out of the chair!

Zach Generic name says:

I like these

Crowtex Gaming says:

Ha score my vote won lol

B D says:

More of these please

Isabel Haus says:

That high pitched noise in the background of the first few minutes made my cat lose her shit

Bossbros 56 says:

I love these so much please do more

Protagonist Von Badperson says:

Not to say it doesn’t take strength of will but putting the knee back into place is easy enough. Painful as hell, and I wouldn’t wish it upon my enemy but it’s not a complicated process.

Great video, I’m loving this series.

Renegade Ram says:

I love this so much.

Melo Da Goat says:

“My territory bitch”

Badass MF

Dauntless Kitchen says:

These stories are funny AF 😂😂 especially since I’m high 🤷🏾‍♀️

Wort Wort says:

Two silver .44 rounds to the head should put down most if not all of unarmored targets.

Douglas Anderson says:

These are awwweeeeesome!!!!

Robin Atchley says:

What the hell is that skull splitting squeal in the background?

Iemier says:

Reading these stories was a lot more painful than listening to them, but I feel like the writer just kinda.. ran out of being creative near his last story or two.

Caleb Roberson says:

Loving this series

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