The real reason I quit Door Knocking as a Real Estate Agent…

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There was a time, a long long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away…that I actually did door knocking as a real estate agent. This is why I stopped. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan – Click SHOW MORE for more details:

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Jesse Craig says:

I've applied for several credit cards now. It's difficult going anywhere with credit when you have absolutely no history. Any advice, or other cards I could try?

SM - USA says:

Is this your program or you affiliated? Like 👍🏻

Marco Pagan says:

In the first ten seconds of the video i thought the door knocking was an intruder since I had headphones scared the hell out of me

xXABOMB46Xx says:

Hey graham, ever thought of hiring someone to knock doors for you? As a door to door guy I would be intrigued to hear your "pitch" in another video.. Haha
How would you grab people's attention? I realize knocking isn't your style, I feel like there are some fundamentals of the industry that take alot of practice to get good at. I would be interested to watch a "my real estate door to door approach" video. Haha

Trevor Kohne says:

That door knocking sound effect scared the shit out of me

Zahir Millard says:

13:34 at 0.25 speed.

Jacques Gauthier says:

Graham, perhaps a better approach would have been to offer your services to divorce lawyers in the area since their clientele often have assets to sell.

Another way would be to contact people who handle commercial bankruptcies. It's a different kind of real estate, however companies going bankrupt may need to sub-rent office space they are on the hook for.

I've done door to door to sell stuff for my school and to get money to plant trees for the Boy Scouts. It didn't occur to me back then but it can be dangerous for kids to do this.

In your country there is the added danger of getting shot when knocking on a person's door. In Oakland county Michigan a teenager was shot for knocking on a door looking for direction. In Detroit, a 19 yr old girl was shot dead knocking on a door and it frequently happens in Florida.

Zahir Millard says:

glad im watching this before it gets demonetised from the alcohol

Brian Pfeiffer says:

Good content graham, yeah agree door to door is not for everyone

Kenji Ignacio says:

I think everyone starts the same way…being scared and hating it. For myself I thought door knocking was the only way to get business and build a database fast (without spending $$$). Glad I was pushed to think that otherwise I would've done something else. Everything works though!

Solomon Ganz says:

Yeah, there’s gotta be a smarter way! Thanks for sharing.

GamingBros says:

Would you say the course would make me an expert in the real estate field? I just need to be an expert in the industry and know the front and back ends so i can market better. Im not sure but in my smma course they said become an expert in a field

stephencoxbass says:

Your door knocking story reminds me of when I tried to sell my CD's in parking lots…I sold enough to make about minimum wage…but I felt like I was bugging people, and a few people even seemed scared! Most just gave a polite no, and for every 50-100 attempts, one person bought one. Social anxiety just made it worse!

Johnny Suomu says:


GamingBros says:

Im thinkin about getting your course so i can learn the real estate industry for my social media marketing agency. Would u recommend that graham?

GamingBros says:

The best door knockers are the adorable boy/girl scouts selling popcorn/cookies.That organization makin bank with free child labor

James Greene III says:

Would a better (more efficient) way of door knocking be to do targeted door knocking? For instance as opposed to randomly knocking on doors you could look up all the FSBOS in a certain area, bring a small gift to introduce yourself as a local REALTOR, then get their contact information to followup. No need to try to get the listing that day just an introduction. That way you know for a fact they want to sale, you have lowered their resistance and used the law of reciprocity by giving something to get something in return (in this case the listing) and it gives an opportunity to build up a lead base that you can keep in contact with. Just an idea

Mike Do Hong says:

This is why I follow you, no door knocking 🙅🏻‍♂️ I’m not into that

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