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I have one of my speakers for October’s event talk to me about his journey in real estate and what he currently in working on.

Wednesday’s Webinar:

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Brandon Farley says:

what did you mean by "problem titles"?

donte jahmeir says:

Great content brother.. keep grinding Max and thanks for all the information and keeping us all well educated and motivated πŸ’―

Xee Moua says:

Max thanks for looking out for the newbies! You da MVP!

Kelvin Vinston says:

Glad i took ACTION!!

Em Dee says:

I am a licensed realtor in Phoenix.
My question is this:
Why do wholesalers tell the homeowner that they are going to buy the house with cash but yet they are NOT the one buying it?
Why do they advertise to the public with the 'I BUY HOMES WITH CASH!" when that's not actually true?
Why don't wholesalers tell the homeowner what they actually do?

Jeremy Remy says:

So he’s using the realtor list as his buyers list?

Tony D says:


Chris Vasquez says:

Oil that neck Max. It will stop the ache

Michael M says:

The best ever pod cast, I love how each pod cast gets better and better.

Joshua Keeble says:

what is wholetail?

Louis Cipher says:

If this dude looks like this and is closing deals there's really no excuse lol

Chantay Jordan says:

Max is such an inspiration. All he does is grind

Gordon Collins says:


kyle s says:

The link for thursdays free video says wednesday


dude uses a drone??? thats dope AF. I know a lot of wholesalers goin steal that. or maybe im just late lol

kyle s says:

Money cant get a better mentor

Hollinger Investments says:

Max is getting these Videos out quick! I can't keep up… nice πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Kyle Wong Lee says:

Can't u run ur wholesaling Business separate from ur real estate agent business , they can't touch u if it's separate

Michael Darby says:

What do you use to run comps?

Mia Leonard says:

I just found your channel literally today. Binge watching for hours #newsubscriber

SanNicolasBrand TM says:

Note taking time! and action!

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