72-Year-Old Chases Neighbor in Tractor During Florida Property Line Feud: Cops

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It’s not the kind of thing a 911 operator hears often, as a terrified caller claimed her husband was being chased by a neighbor’s tractor. The guy driving the tractor was 72-year-old Morris Howell. The crazy scene was the culmination of a property line dispute between Howell and his neighbor, Scott Lynch, which had been simmering in St. Johns, Florida. The incident occurred last month, but the footage and 911 calls made by Lynch’s wife have just been released.


A Day With Christelle says:

Why it gotta be in Florida??

qwerty boy 478 says:

sighs "of course it's florida"

MvP Gaming says:

Everytime I watch videos like this I immediately going to comment section to see the funny comments HAHAHAHA

GokuBllack says:


Citizen 1 says:

A drive by tractorin! You better watch out or.. your neighborhood could get… cleared of debris! 😂

Shane Berry says:

White people whyyy😂😂😂

Marissa Spear and Red Cat says:

Everyone talking how it's only happenin in Florida

Zaakira Quantoi says:

Lovl some action inbetween some neighbors

Lyndsey _1721 says:

I love living in Florida😂

Dustin Miller says:

can someone tell me what the word is because idk

Jackie Angel says:

Does anyone know when this will air on FEAR THY NEIGHBOR ???

Estevan Aurzada says:

Run forest run

Jamie Thornton says:

Take a ride in my big green tractor X3


Sounds like something out of a cartoon

Gabe Avalos says:

y is that me running

britt ment says:

Me running away from my problems / responsibilities

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Dev says:

Crazy ass white people

Dev says:

Welcome to America

Pines 105 says:

So this is what florida is like.

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