How People in Real Estate LIE to YOU. [7 Stats]

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Real estate deception is common. Especially in a bad market. Know these real estate statistics, especially if you’re a real estate investor. 7 ways real estate statistics LIE to you. Topics include:

1. 3:08 Month’s supply & myth of housing inventory
2. 5:06 “Historic Lows” Interest-rate myth.
3. 9:46 year-over-year lies on price.
4. 12:56 Myth of “price-per-square foot”
5. 14:57 Sale-to-List Price Ratios
6. 16:03 Average vs median.
7. 17:37 Sample size.

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I am not a CPA, attorney, or financial advisor and the information in these videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, or financial advice from a qualified perspective. If you need such advice, please contact a qualified CPA, attorney, or financial advisor.

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My Favorite Planet says:

So many generalised fluff Real Estate investing videos on Youtube. I like when you give more detailed explanations on each topic. Thank you Kevin.

Mitchell McCauley says:

But there is also a point where inflation is actually more than 2 percent by Peter Schiff. I can't recall his claims, but he mainly said a better way of looking at inflation is buying power vs another currencies. But, I don't know a lot so please take this seriously.

Tyler Blizzard says:

You're awesome Kevin. Wish you lived in Florida so I could work with you. Always telling it how it is!

66 Deville says:

Can you do a review for MORRIS INVEST? Thank you

Chidubem Ezinne says:

One thing I like about you Kevin, is that you take feedback really well. You listen to constructive feedback from your fans, take it into consideration, and pivot as needed. Love it

Case White says:

I love Lamp

Case White says:

those people at 4:09 should become real estate agents hehe

brandon burdette says:

Incredibly narrow sense for market timing. Likely the result of someone new to real-estate or leveraged up to their neck and treading water.

oneten keef says:

I think interest rates may affect the lower – mid end areas the most. In a high COL area $400 is what most people spend at Starbucks every month. Inflation was relatively low through the late 90s and early 2000s and interest rates were in the 6% – 8% range and home prices soared on up. Since the 80s we have had trillions in domestic and global QE, tech, and globalization has changed things too. The SP500 was under 300 back in the 80s, at it's current price it makes most RE look reasonable. The market is how I funded the down payment and reno costs on my last rental property, it was mostly done in a re-balancing effort. I don't see much short term upside for my local market (Inside Beltway N.Virginia) though I don't see much downside either. If inflation is weak I think the fed would hold off on the increases, though with all the tariffs and trade threats it probably won't be too low.

Sith Lord says:

Kevin, please explain the difference between a Realtor™, a real estate agent, and a real estate broker. This confuses a lot of people.

surimaribo24 says:

thank you sir .

Rob Moffit says:

Inflation back in the 80s & 70s was more honestly and accurately calculated as John Williams @ Shadowstats calculates it.
I would say that SW Florida is seeing about 8 to 10% real inflation right now, so we are seeing REAL negative growth and interest rates.

kk P says:

I can sell your home for a higher price than anyone else.
nah, just fucking with you. #1 lie.

M Sal89 says:

Sold my house 2 weeks ago after 2 days on market in north county sd

E. V. says:

I love this channel! Love the content. Love Kevin's personality and all the facts!

Michael Pham says:

bring back the fedora

Steven Cacace says:

Awesome info!

TAC Systems says:

Lol at “got it”

Gio Rodriguez says:

Do you have a course on Real Estate @meetkevin?

2TROLL1 says:

Every one Lies; I'm lying right now!

Carolyn Everett says:

milk is $2.50 a gallon at Wallmart

Julie Green says:

Any idea how the upcoming elections might influence the real estate market? Thank you

Julie Green says:

I had no idea about the difference between median and average. Thank you very much for pointing that out.

Three Dogs and a Camper says:

Great info! I think I’m in love…..with your videos…😃

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