The Property Police Expansion! – Minecraft Evolution SMP #74

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Dev Jayprakash says:

Watchers! If you see this, when the Evolutioners somehow advance to the present version and go more, could you guys reset everything and make a SEASON 2? =D <3 U GUYS!

Olli Rawl says:

Kind of assholey to just take it over

Fredebade says:

Martyn you can't end it on a cliffhanger like that! Did Solidarity steal your bed again?

Furkan Cebeci says:

It's more of a Wario though isn't it

Alex Maguire says:

Justice for waluigi

Hubuhbaba says:

If you don't call it the cop shop, imma be mad. Like so martyn can see!

Jonathon Noble says:

Have it as a pet shop so you should sell fish and bones

catlover nettyplaysfan says:

You could sell a book for the rules of the pp or a book on how to be a good citizen made by the pp

Lewis Plays games says:

Do it so that people can buy propert

N says:

Sell glow stone as police badges???

Benjamin Cannell says:

Its because of the oil in the ducks feathers that it doesn't get wet, not necessarily the feathers

Donald Sedig says:

Police Hat? I don't need a Police Hat. I'M A S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT!

arlita tan says:

Elmo supplice

Edward Langford says:

Make it so that people can rent a swot team for a episode. An example Tom rents the swot to search nety . Selling police protection could be fun or maybe police immunity. Ps I love you content 😍

the sons of garmadon says:

sell splash potions name them mafia repellent

Baelin clemow says:

if grian blows up the pp, the wachers will rain there wrath on grian…

Dustin Ripley says:

Sell signed books named some kind of license

Mythik Beast says:

You need a map of pearl's base too.

Lemon SP says:

I feel some dramas going to happen , very explosive drama

Anjell Jesse says:

The freaking creeper appearing out of the sugar cane gave me a heart attack. XD

Stevie Pannell says:

You could sell your own streaming aquipment or create a streaming service call it stitch as a play of twitch and make it a community streaming room for all of Evo

Littledinosaurg Gaming says:

That face is clearly a happy bumbo

William Teal says:

You could die leather armour and sell them as police costumes

Kadden Brown says:

Port – a – cell

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