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China by far has the largest debt issue in the world with debt to GDP exceeding that of US however does that matter at all given that China is a state run and operated economy? Let’s find out.

Women Treat Men Like Property – MGTOW

The Incel Rebellion Has Begun

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Matt and here’s what he briefly has to say: “Hey Sandman, I found a recent Sargon of Akkad video, attached to this message where he discusses Incels. But what was more important is how he starts the video discussing how women deserve things from men. Men are treated like property because women expect stuff from us for nuffin. Can you please watch the Sargon video and explore the concept that men are property for women and that we are nothing more?” Well Matt thanks for the donation and topic. What people don’t realise is that traditionalism has been the only arrangement that’s worked out in the long-term for humanity. Either men treat women like property in the traditional conservative sense where a father is responsible for taking care of his daughter until she is old enough to get married and then her husband takes responsibility for her or women women treat men like property like we see in our gynocentric society and everything falls apart in the long-term. In the past when a traditional woman was married off her husband took care of her and paid for her like an expensive piece of property. If he has daughters with her this keeps that social contract going. There’s a reason as humans we created that system. Women complain and say they don’t like it because women were men’s property. To some extent I agree with that but what women are forgetting is that besides being men’s property they were also the man’s responsibility. Plus the woman could still use her covert manipulation techniques to influence the man to give her things. I remember visiting the San Francisco Plantation home in Louisiana and I remember how the quarters of the lady of the house were oppulant compare to even the conditions the man had to live in. The woman had her own indoor toilet while the master of the house had to go out and use an out house. The Sargon video you sent me Matt, which I’ve attached in the description is interesting because is discusses the idea that women deserve high paying jobs, that women deserve respect, positive self image, love, friends etc. Sargon says that love and friends are the most important things that women say they deserve because those things are something someone else has to give you of their own free will. So when you have a generation of supersized snowflakes demanding the dong of Chad and they aren’t getting it when they deserve it they will be very very upset. Sargon says this is important because what a woman demands or feels entitled to violates the free will of the man because he has to give it to her because she deserves it so he has no choice but to hand it over. He goes onto say that women deserve raises and orgasm equality.

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Bhaiyyu Ji Maharaj transfers the authority and power to manage the properties, finances to Vinayak. He written this statement in his note. In the above video, we have disclosed that before ending his life, Saint transferes all his property to his servant rather than his family . Watch the above video and know the whole story.

भय्यू जी महाराज की मौत ने जहां देशवासियों को सकते में डाल दिया है .. ऐसे में उनसे जुड़े कई मामलों को सुनकर आप दंग रह जाएंगे । अपने सुसाइड नोट पर भय्यू जी ने अपनी सारी संपत्ति को सेवादार विनायक के नाम कर दिया है । आपको बता दें कि, मां, पत्नी और बेटी के जीवित होने के बावजूद भय्यू जी का ये फैसला चौंकाने वाला है ।

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Haven’t you heard, up is down, down is up and the only way for the property is up because ‘property never goes down’ – right?! Let’s examine that here.

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