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Hamilton, TX Police Sgt. Smallridge tries to TRESPASS us from public property.

Hamilton, TX Police 254.386.3805

Let them know how you feel about Sgt. Smallridge’s actions.



NEW Property Coming In The Next GTA Online DLC? Mansions, Beach Houses, Vehicle Warehouses & MORE!
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It has been ages since we’ve gotten a new casual property to own in GTA Online – does Rockstar have plans to add one in the next GTA 5 DLC? Would it be mansions, beach houses, vehicle warehouses or something different?

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How to invest in real estate with $100 or less! In this video, we will be talking about an investment known as a REIT or a real estate investment trust. While this type of real estate investment will likely yield a much lower return than a direct real estate investment, it may appeal to income investors.

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One of Deutschebank’s Major Shareholders has just hit a wall HNA has defaulted on several obligations and being one of the major banks financiers it has spooked investors. HNA has several real estate investments in major areas and has announced it is going to begin to liquidate it’s investments. Bankruptcy can have that effect on you sometimes.

Episode 152 | Bad News for The Australian Property Market

We’re sorry to bring you Bad News while you’re on holidays.

Unfortunately, we have heard some negative talk out there and, well, we think it’s best you know. So, today’s podcast is a little on the “doom and gloom” side, we’re afraid.

We’re talking about the correction in the market. We’ve all seen the property prices in Sydney come down a bit, and we’ve all heard (perhaps too much) about the Bubble…. Is today the day it finally burst?

A longtime listener from Singapore, Saxton, left us a rather distressing voicemail message:

“I want to ask you about the article that was published by Matt Barrie the CEO of freelancer in Australia where he painted a very negative and bleak future about Australia’s future prospects and described the Australian property market as a bubble built upon a bubble, built upon a bubble; namely mining and commodities. Anyway, it’s a long article and I would love to hear your negation on some of his gloomy outlook and why property is still a good bet moving forward.”

If you’ve read the article… you’ll know it’s pretty bleak. Also what’s interesting is that Matt Barrie isn’t a property expert — note that his business has nothing to do with property — and on social media channels he is, which makes sense, an “influencer”. And influencers are good at doing just that.

But, at the end of the day everyone is entitled to an opinion.

More importantly, who is right?

What’s about to unfold:

Are the conditions that precede a bubble “popping” finally here?
What happens if the market drops 30%?
What is money and wealth built on?
What are the biggest banks LVR and why does this matter?
How is Australia’s lending system differ from the rest of the world?
Is Australia’s economic climate stable?
What is “short selling”?
How can you tell when an agenda is influencing an opinion?
Why do we keep going on about supply and demand?
What is “irrational exuberance” and why is contributing to the bad news?
Why is now (perhaps more than ever) time to look back at your property fundamentals?
Is interest rate the King in all of this?
What’s the future of the Australian Property Market?
What do you need to start telling people today?

Full disclosure: Here’s the link to the article. Please decide for yourself J

P.S. Should Ben do the Life Hack from now???

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Purplebricks, the online estate agency backed by Neil Woodford, is to float on Aim before Christmas. Lex’s Giles Wilkes and Jonathan Eley discuss how the company is the latest among digital start-ups pledging to disrupt the property industry.

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Meet Kevin – he’s a Real Estate Agent and Investor in Ventura, California. This is how he was able to accumulate $4.5 Million Dollars worth of Investment Real Estate by the age of 25, while also working full time as a Real Estate Agent – Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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We always talk about the best ways to invest in real estate and having been in the real estate world in years, Steven and I have had our fair share of horror stories. Here are the 2 worst ways to start investing in real estate:

1. The flip
2. Getting in a 30-year rental property

If you don’t buy a property right, you are starting real estate wrong.

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Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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