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It’s no surprise that this is my favorite way to invest in real estate, and also one of the fastest ways you can grow your wealth….and this is called the BRRRR strategy of real estate investing. Enjoy! Add me on Snapchat/Instagram: GPStephan

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The BRRRR Method: This basically uses the equity and profit from one property to fund the next property through strategic leverage. And then the next property can fund the next one…and so on, until after a few years you’ve amassed an army of homes that just throw cash at your every month.

1. The first step is to buy a property, obviously. But the difference here is that you can’t just buy anything – the property not only needs to cash flow, but there needs to be some opportunity for equity. Your equity is basically just the amount of “worth” tied up in the property, minus your loan balance. So you either need to buy into equity by buying something BELOW what its market value is, or buying something where you can add equity with strategic renovations. Most deals won’t work – you need to be better than the average here and really become an expert in your area to spot the best deals, and the patience to wait around until that happens.

2. Renovate. Once you buy something, you’ll fix it up. Generally this is the best and easiest way to add value to a property. Most places that need work price themselves accordingly. Doing the work yourself saves you from paying someone else’s profit in managing a renovation, and often times you can renovate a property much cheaper than someone else will charge for doing the same thing.

3. The third step is rent…in that you now rent out the property. You should have had an idea of what price you’d get from the beginning when you bought the property, so it shouldn’t be a surprise what you can rent the property for. The property should rent high enough to pay off all of your expenses AND cash flow on top of it. Like I said, not every property will do this – you will need to find the 1/30 where it makes sense to buy, at the right price, that’ll rent for high enough, with enough equity to add to the deal.

4. NOW WE REFINANCE! This is where the bank pays off your previous loan, and gives you a NEW loan based off the new, higher value of the property. This means that you’ll have some “Cash at closing,” as it’s called. Now you pretty much got some money back, you have a cash flowing house, and you can do this entire process over again.

5. And then…you repeat the process and start over again with the next one! The advantage here is that every time you buy something under market value, you increase your net worth. By fixing it up, you increase your net worth and cash flow at the same time. The higher your net worth and the more equity in a property, the more banks are willing to lend you to do it again and continue to increase your cashflow. This is by far my favorite strategy, and you’ll finish this up with a trail of cash flowing properties behind you. Yes, it takes some work to identify and fix up a property – but it’s worth it.

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‘Property Brothers’ star, Jonathan Scott and his longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov have split!

We discuss the question of auction clearance results, in the context of the latest data on the falling number of property transfers. Part 1 of 2.

London has become a global hotspot for offshore property ownership. Kate Allen explains why it is so popular to hold properties in the UK capital through an offshore company.

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China has been responding to a housing market downturn with measures to boost demand. The FT’s Josh Noble talks to Andy Chang, associate director at Fitch Ratings, about whether looser policy will have the desired effect or lead to longer term problems

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Normally I talk about how the Real Estate market is going to crash. But in this video I try to see things as a Real Estate Bull would see them. Prices always going up……. forever 🙂

Here are 3 ways you can stay ahead in the world of customer service using the death of the traditional real estate agent as an example.

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“Property Brothers” star Jonathan Scott is on the market again. The HGTV fave and girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov have called it quits, and confirmed the news in dual social media posts paying loving tribute to each other and their time together.
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‘Property Brothers’ Star Jonathan Scott Splits From Longtime Love | Access


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