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How to Register Your Property in India | By Ishan [Hindi]

Property registration procedure

Step 1: Estimate the value of your property according to the circle rates in your area.Step

2: You have to now compare the circle rate with the actual price paid. For paying the stamp duty, the higher of the above two values would be applicable.Step

3: You will now have to buy non-judicial stamp papers of that value arrived at after the calculation.Step

4: The stamp papers can be purchased in person or online. You can buy these papers from licensed stamp vendors, whereas e-stamps can be purchased online from Stamp duty can be paid through the Collector of Stamps or a proof needs to be submitted, if it is already paid.Step

5: Now, you have to get the deed prepared and typed on stamp papers. The subject matter varies according to the nature of transaction, which could be sale, lease, mortgage, power of attorney, etc.Step

6: Now, the transacting parties have to approach the Sub-Registrar’s Office to get the deed registered, accompanied with two witnesses. Each person involved in the process should carry their respective photographs, identification documents, etc. An original copy of the deed, along with two photocopies of the same, should also be carried.Step

7: After the sale deed gets registered, you get a receipt. About two-seven days after that, one can again approach the Sub-Registrar’s Office to collect the sale deed.Step

Once you have got the original sale deed registered, you can also get the same verified by using the registry details and date from the Registrar’s Office.

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