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As part of our Home & Design series, this video is all about how we want YOU to help us pick out design choices on our upcoming projects. We’re going to be giving you choices on style options, paint colors, and design elements. You pick your favorite choice and that’s the one we will go with! We are so excited and can’t wait to get started.



Is the Hong Kong property market going to continue its never ending boom? Or maybe Hong Kong is due for a real estate crash. Watch till the end of this video to find out the prediction and my supporting argument.

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Property (Official Audio)
By Macy Kate
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Boy you make me wanna move from LA
Why you wanna make me relocate to the M I A
And leave everything behind me
Boy how dare you try to find me
Never find another like me

Boy why you wanna kill my hopes and my dreams
How dare you leave me broken hearted when I gave you everything
Can’t believe you lied to me
When I gave you all of me

Why you always lyin and shit
Show you all my love you went and blinded the shit
You ain’t gonna find another finer than this
If i give you all my love you take your time with the shit

You on a whole ‘nother mission
You must not know what you’re riskin
My love is all you been missin

Boy you know I tried to give you what you wanted
Just a waste of time
But it wasn’t what i wanted
You probly never ever ever gonna find a girl that does you right
It’s my fault cuz I never ever should have tried to change your life

never be your property
Your brand new bitch is just a copy of me
Your brand new bitch is just a copy of me
Tell your new bitch to stop following me

Ooh boy you know I know you better than you
Boy you know I’m irreplaceable
There ain’t no substitute

And now you want me back

But you’ll never get me back

Showing up to all my shows and shit
Boy them roses those are dead roses
You’re full of shit and everybody notices
You’re the only one who didn’t notice this

Why you always hanging with these bitches
Now you got these bitches in my business
But you was always bitches over business
And that’s the reason that we’re finished


You always saying look out for us
Guess you gave up on what we had

Oh that little copy
Move right out my way
And I don’t need you all up in my face
I’m so out from the hurt
And the pain


Real Estate perform “Darling” at Villain in Brooklyn for Pitchfork Live

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Real Estate Perform “Darling” Live at Villain | Pitchfork Live

By popular demand, Bryan Casella and I meet up and discuss real estate, investing strategies, and personal growth while working as a real estate agent. I believe seeing different perspectives is so important because we each have our own style that fits best with our personality and by watching as many people as possible, you can begin to pick bits and pieces that you vibe best with. Enjoy! Feel free to add me on Instagram/Snapchat: GPStephan

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Drew’s brother, Jonathan, surprised the audience — and the judges — on Monday night’s episode of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

As TMZ Sports first reported, Morgan’s group had been boozing at the bars at Epcot Center when things got testy with another group.


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