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I have one of my speakers for October’s event talk to me about his journey in real estate and what he currently in working on.

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This episode gives you an alternate look at early retirement – it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Chad Carson has never had a “real job.” Instead, he has parlayed his experiences helping with his father’s rental business into his own rental business.

Now Chad owns enough real estate so he never HAS to work at a real job. In fact, when we spoke to Chad, he was calling us from Ecuador, where he had been living for a year to submerse his children in the Spanish language. His rental business ran itself while he was away he was able to take an extended vacation and truly delve into the area, and now has bilingual children!

Chad’s take on “mini” retirements is very interesting – he obviously loves what he does, but also enjoys spending time with the people who matter most – his family. Real estate provides him the opportunity to work at his own pace.

This episode gives you an alternate look at early retirement – it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Check the full show notes here: https://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/biggerpockets-money-podcast-19-the-ultimate-real-estate-retirement-plan-with-chad-carson/


How do you build up an arsenal of relevant landlording knowledge? Through hands-on experience. Eric Drenckhahn is a “DIY landlord” who has managed his mid-sized portfolio for years and who has come across countless maintenance and landlording issues. Join us in picking his experienced mind across a myriad of real estate issues and learn how to become a successful DIY landlord.

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